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08-09-2006, 05:07 PM   #1

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Default If You Would, Please Post Domain Sales & Offers Here

Some have asked how to tell how much a domain is worth. One way for us to help each other out is by posting your domain/sale amount or the most you were offered for a domain (but decided not to sell) here as a reference. Please be honest as this won't be helpful if you make things up.

Thanks Guys

I'll start us off although this is an imcomplete list as I've forgotten some:

Sale: VenuraFinancial.com.......$600
Sale: VineyardRadio.com.........$100
Sale: RedAces.com................$400
Sale: GoDaddy.com...............$1500
Sale: ListThis.com...............$250
Offer: Phonezilla.com.............$2000
Offer: TextTrade.com............$3400
Offer: Carzilla.com.............$2500
Offer: DeluxeNames.com.........$1000
Offer: Tripzilla.com.................$300
Offer: ConservativeNation.org...$250
Offer: BostonRealEstate.biz......$300
Offer: DateChristian.com..........$350
Offer: UnitedChurchofGod.org ...$100

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I would have sold some of those and here are the reasons I would have:

Phonezilla.com & carzilla.com - it's a recent sort of slang term (zilla) that will fade away in time...those are good offers, 4 figures, best to sell soon. I haven't heard of a ton of these names selling for the offer you received. Tripzilla - you were right to hold out for more, at least low XXXX at this time.

bostonrealestate.biz - .biz are least favored of the plain extensions.

Just my thoughts.

As for my sales and offers:



W4B - Sold for $400


freestripteases - $40 on NP
tradepile - for around $11 on NP
various for reg fee on Ebay


facelifts_ws - $125


weekz - $60
9YL - $50 & $75

3T - $40
hairstyles - $105

Obviously not any big offers or sales...but they are coming (if I don't sell all my names off on ebay and NP!) I need the money now.
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02-15-2013, 07:16 AM   #3

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Default Re: If You Would, Please Post Domain Sales & Offers Here

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