Competitive Edge: Join The Hosting Cooperative!

Gain a competitive advantage over other hosting providers by joining the Hosting Cooperative to leverage our numbers.

If interested, please post or ask questions in the comments below.

The Cooperative is a democracy so as a member owner you may put up your ideas for a vote. It will be a "Limited Cooperative Association" incorporated in the state of Colorado, see:,cooperative%20principles%20and%20economic%20structure.

There is a "buy-in" to join the Cooperative payable directly to our Colorado Attorney who administers our account on behalf of the member owners. Our Attorney is also the Registred Agent for the Cooperative. Feel free to try out this Cooperative before paying anything by getting to know us here. We welcome your feedback in the comments.

Benefits to the Cooperative include:

1) Now that Oakley Capital has raised the prices of cPanel several times, it's no longer worth the price. Yet our customers demand the same look & feel of cPanel. Thus your "buy-in" is paying for a custom "cPanel-like" theme for Ispconfig that we will sell as a proprietary commercial product soon to appear at It as a great alternative to cPanel at a low price. As each new release of Ispconfig comes out, we'll pay our Developer a small fee to update the version of our theme. The Cooperative will pay dividends to each member equally based on net sales. Of course members of the Cooperative are allowed to use this control panel free in-house potentially saving a significant amount of money. 

2) Funds will be held by the Colorado Cooperative Attorney in an account we can all track. Net payments go to each member after expenses are paid.

3) The Cooperative will use it's numbers for group buys like discounts on CloudLinux. CloudLinux will support the commercial custom Ispconfig theme we offer.

4) The Cooperative leases a physical headquarters in Western Connecticut for $50/year plus the utilities that the Cooperative actively uses (see Pictures below). If no utilities are used, only the $50/year is paid.

The 3 buildings at our potential datacenter sit on almost acre of land only 2 hours from New York City. They are owned by a Cooperative member so they can be remodeled to suit our needs.

We have the option to turn this into a datacenter as long as the Cooperative covers the utilities if we vote to add servers. In the main building, the upstairs is currently a dining hall while the downstairs is being slowly renovated into a server room with upgraded electricity (there is needed modifications to be done before it's ready for servers).

5) This forum, is owned equally by all member hosts in this Cooperative and the 2 domains will be registered to our Colorado attorney to be held in trust for all members ( will also be registered in trust to our Colorado attorney). Each member owner may rotate their ad in for a week in the header, side, & footer banner ad spots to advertise their hosting business.

5) We ask for your ideas on more the Cooperative can provide as benefits for members?

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