Do you track subscriptions?

I wanted to track recurring bills like subscriptions but never wanted to waste time to such small things. Found subscription manager that automatically tracks recurring payments from your bank account. ANd its always current. You do nothing:) Easy as that — now I know how much I spend on subscriptions and have payment reminder in whatsapp. Helped me unsubscribe form unused subscriptions and save a sum. Do manage subscriptions? Have you tried inxy?


  • AurumAurum Shared Hoster provides user-friendly subscription manager app. It saves your budget well!

  • OpsidianOpsidian Shared Hoster

    I decided to start with 14 day free trial with
    Lets see how everything is being done!

  • IvanishuIvanishu Shared Hoster

    I wonder if INXY has only the solutions for the individuals? No options for business?

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