well-balanced servers?

Hey guys,
Are there any reliable web hosting providers with well-balanced servers?
I need to help one of my clients, he requires:
Linux, 24 GB - RAM, 1 TB - HD, 12 TB - Bandwidth
What can you say about QHoster.com servers? Are they stable, fast?
Any alternatives please?
well-balanced & low-cost dedicated servers?


  • BarbarossBarbaross NAT Warrior

    Taking the advantage of the opportunity can recommend Zakservers.com offshore servers.
    They are stable and fast. I would pay some extra dollars for reliability and speed than to see my web sites down.

  • msdlcmsdlc NAT Warrior

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  • TapiocaTapioca NAT Warrior

    I put one site up with QHoster.com to start just to try things out, I've since put up all my sites with these guys.
    Everything went very smooth. The uptime is very good and I haven't faced any problems yet.

  • qloudhostqloudhost Link Clerk

    for well balanced server you can opt Offshore dedicated server for your large traffic website.

  • LocktropistLocktropist Link Clerk

    Why not give GTHost.com instant server hosting a try?
    Reliable uptime, and decent customer support on the 2-3 occasions when I've had trouble with my site.
    Customer support is responsive and helpful.

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