Budget server hosting?


  • 3 tbs of disk space, - 42 tbs of bandwidth, - Linux, - 24/7 customer support
    I am considering Hostnamaste.com budget server hosting packages.
    What do you know about them? What host would you choose? And why?


  • SwisshostingSwisshosting Shared Hoster

    What type of set-up assistance is included at no additional cost?

  • TapiocaTapioca NAT Warrior

    The comparison will help you to choose the right web host: GTHost.com or ZakServers.com will work fine.
    All technical problems are resolved within a few minutes, more complicated tasks within 24 hours.

  • LeofellowLeofellow NAT Warrior

    You will be very pleased. Initial site up in hours, all support queries are responded to extremely quickly, easy control panel for a novices, etc. I have to say hostnamaste.com is the best host I've ever had.

  • LocktropistLocktropist NAT Warrior

    I usually don't recommend but you should 100% go with Hostnamaste.com budget server hosting.
    It's good cheap hosting. The support is good and they always seem prepared to go out of their way to get things done.

  • jensenkarpjensenkarp Link Clerk

    When you search for budget server hosting, then you should search for 10GB Hosting Web Host because it gives the best and most affordable linux hosting packages in the UK, USA and Europe. Its budget server hosting starting package 1 Website, 10GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, 10 Database, 10 Email Accounts, Unlimited Subdomains, and Free SSL.

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