kvchosting.net vs brixly.uk

Which server should I have a deal with - kvchosting.net or brixly.uk?


  • TapiocaTapioca NAT Warrior

    I settled on Zakservers.com based on what I've read on various review sites and hosting discussion boards. I needed to have a lot of streaming multimedia, and it's no problem with them! Lots of users logging in, lots of e-mail accounts. It's great!

  • SwisshostingSwisshosting Link Clerk

    What is their backup policy?
    What are they accountable for in terms of an outage?

  • BewuntlineBewuntline NAT Warrior

    The thing that I have been most impressed with during my time with kvchosting.net is their customer support.
    Site uploaded and mail lists set up without a hitch - and any technical query dealt with immediately.

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