I am looking for managed vps with dedicated ip.

I am looking for managed vps with dedicated ip.
Anyone has any good idea or any details of any provider.
budget is 50 usd.
Requirements: 50gb hosting space, Dedicated ip, 100% uptime.
server much be good Canada location.
What are your views on Rightservers.com managed vps?
Are they affordable? Any other host for comparison, please? Thanks.


  • LeofellowLeofellow Shared Hoster

    Give Rightservers.com a try. It has been a fantastic service provider for hosting our site.
    Any requests I have had over the past year have been handled very quickly and I have been very satisfied with their service.

  • BewuntlineBewuntline NAT Warrior

    I currently have joomla with my site and they do notify me when there's an security problem with joomla and warn me for the upgrade, which is nice. It made me feel great knowing I could have fast service from a reliable host. Give Rightservers.com managed vps a try.

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