Please Post Your Favorite Games & Deals on Games

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Post good games and deals here.

I'll start: Internet Café Simulator is free to get on Steam for another 4(?!) days via


Check out or https://allkeyshop to compare prices for games across official sellers and inofficial/keysellers (e.g. G2A, Kinguin..). I have tried most sellers listed on Allkeyshop (Eneba, G2A, HRK, Instant Gaming, Gamivo, Kinguin..) and never had an issue.

G2A and Eneba are my preferred keysellers (no bad experiences so far)

When buying from keyseller site try to buy from sellers with very high (95%+) rating. I never had any trouble this way. Don't always go for the cheapest

Looking for cheap games? Filter for games under 2€;on or your keyseller of choice and sort by genre/popularity. Some real gems sell for cheap :)

Looking for free games? has lots of free indie games. If you don't mind selling your soul to EpicGames, register for an account with Epicstore and idle games like @Falzo does :tongue: Fwiw, I cba to sign up with Epic.

I usually pay using Revolut virtual/disposable one-way CC. If you don't have smth like that I'd suggest paying with PayPal (even if you have higher fees that way).

Use to get notified for deals of your individual wishlist only from official sellers


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