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Template Monster, a provider of website templates, has started with still one more educational project: FlashPerfection.com. The new projects contains lots of materials on one of the most powerful technologies of nowadays - Flash technology.
Flash became really popular and is used with every media project no matter what it is: station breaks, ads, product presentations, website intros or usual websites. The strong positions this technology has overwhelmed ended up with an enormous interest to it. Many developers from different industries started to implement it with their production activity. What seems to be a problem is the absence of good and useful materials on how to master the technology. Though there are lots of sites with some materials on Flash there's still no uniting place to map all of them. Anyone who is interested has to jump between several sites seeking for the information needed.

Flash Perfection is really different. The resource is to locate most of the materials on Flash available on the Web. Though the materials were not originally written by Flash Perfection staff but they were thoroughly reviewed before publishing so to stay with quality and really useful ones. Currently, there are about 250 materials with 19 categories such as Action Scripts, Animation, Special Effects and Text Special Effects, etc.

"With Flash Perfection we rely greatly on Flash developers' community. It's a self-supportive project which means that regular staff of Flash Perfection is to fulfill editorial functions only," says Gary Nichols, head of marketing at Template Monster. "If you are an experienced user of Flash and want to share your experience - Flash Perfection is the right place for it. Though we've just started we expect it to be a really popular Flash resource in the future due to its openness and self-descriptiveness."

Template Monster tends to follow educational direction more than commercial recently which can be explained with its will to build really open and long lasting relationships with the community of Template Monster's customers.


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