XBF2 Gaming Community

I am in the process of creating a Community which will brings daily news updates, huge array of downloads, and a strong Battlefield 2 forums. I am very much looking for some people to help out in the following areas for the site. What I'm looking for the most is someone who can skin well for vB skins. I think i have already pretty much found a websdesigner/coder.

What I am looking for is some people willing to help in the following areas:
Graphics Design / Web Design (PHP)
Coding / ***Skinning*** for vBulletin forums.
Maybe a few more Administrators / Moderators when the site gets larger, etc.

Feel free to contact me:
chrismantplaya@hotmail.com (MSN)
ckilla@xbf2.com (EMAIL)



  • PythonPython Forum Leader The Royal RAM
    Well it seems like youve already paid for a premade skin... you still wanting a custom skin made?

    The Royal Ram

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