Do you own a website?

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Im curious as to how many people here actually own a website...

And when I say website i dont mean the ones on free hosts ;)

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  • tonytony Moderator Administrator
    i do, ive sold most of them now so im down to 1 which is designed to make money and another in which the site will be worth a lot ina few years so im just keeping hold of it until then - investment really
  • NuvoNuvo Forum Leader VPS - Virtual Prince of the Server
    Not at the moment.
    I used to own a site called which was basically where I posted stuff about things I was programming.
    My last site was hosted by a guy called leafo from, so that'd fall under the free category.
    I'm actually thinking about buying some hosting again and getting something up since I'm a little more experienced with server side scripting now than I was when I had TSMedia and the stuff that I had on there wasn't as good as some of the stuff I have done since (I used the site as a place to host my source code editor, but that has since been dumped in favour of a completely redone one that's a bit better).
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