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Hey folks,
This will be brief, I'm short on time.
I have to make up a "Details of Hardware Available to User" for my AS ICT Coursework.

I'm writing about a company a few months old who have computers maybe a year or so old, not crap, but pretty cheap 'cause the company is pretty new can couldn't afford the best, and doesn't need it.

Can you please give me a PC Spec for a computer like this?
Things like:
Hard Disk Drive
Operating System

This is for an office, so graphics card wouldn't be very good, for example...

Any help greatly appreciated, I need this ASAP (within a few hours).



  • tonytony Moderator Administrator
    think of app's an office would use
    m/s office
    maybe some kind of accounts software?

    you would be looking at probably 128mb/256mb at most
    20gb hd
    they wouldnt need much more than that

    my dads works got rid of their computers about 6months ago and they were 486's that was the top spec about 10 years ago so you dont need all that much really
  • PythonPython Forum Leader The Royal RAM
    Yea I agree with tony there.. that spec sounds about right...

    The Royal Ram

  • CannonBallGuyCannonBallGuy Moderator Shared Hoster
    Shall I just say they have 15" TFT monitors?
    What about a graphics card?
    And what version of Windows?
  • PythonPython Forum Leader The Royal RAM
    If the company is a few months old then go for either 15" or 17" tft's.

    The Royal Ram

  • tonytony Moderator Administrator
    proably not even tft and more than likely inbuilt on the motherboard as for windows windows me? windows 2000? or possibly xp depends on the size of the company if its just 2 or 3 computers then it would probably be xp or me if it has 10ish then may be best going for something that is meant more for a network
  • CannonBallGuyCannonBallGuy Moderator Shared Hoster
    This is what I have put:
    Hardware Available to User:
    The sales staff have computers with specifications very similar to the following:
    • 1.25GHz Processor
    • 256Mb DDR RAM
    • 20Gb HDD
    • CD Re-Writer Drive
    They are running Microsoft Windows 2000 and each have a 15” TFT Monitor.

    Requirements of New System:
    This system requires Microsoft Excel 2000 or later on a PC running Microsoft Windows 1998.
    An example minimum spec. PC would be:
    • 1GHz Processor
    • 128Mb DDR RAM
    • 20Gb HDD
    • CD-ROM Drive

    :) Thanks for all the help.
  • PythonPython Forum Leader The Royal RAM
    Why are your new system requirement lower than the ones above? Or am I looking at this wrong?

    The Royal Ram

  • tonytony Moderator Administrator
    i was just thinking exactly the same thing
  • CannonBallGuyCannonBallGuy Moderator Shared Hoster
    The first set of specs is what they have available to them.
    The second set is what they will need to run my 'system' (Excel).
  • tonytony Moderator Administrator
    aaah so the 2nd is what they need as a bare minimum the 1st lot is what they will actually have?
  • CannonBallGuyCannonBallGuy Moderator Shared Hoster
    Yeah, basically.
    1st = what their computers ARE.
    2nd = what they will need to run my spreadsheet.
  • PythonPython Forum Leader The Royal RAM
    Ahh I see :D Understand now :D

    Make sure you make that cealr in your work though ;)

    The Royal Ram

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