A Rough Week...

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What can I say? Im still suffering from the consequences and as you can probably see so is this website & forum.

Ok so heres basically what has happened over the last few days...

As you may/may not know I was hosting with ViveHosting who up to a few days ago was doing great with no problems at all. Then suddenly out of nowhere they dissapear along with all my websites and databases. I didnt know what to do to begin with. I waited 2 days for them to come back but unfortunately they did not.

Today I bought a new hosting package at asmallorange.com and began transffering my backed up data to the new server.

Unfortunately some of your member accounts will be missing.

Therefore if you have registered an account with us before and cant login now - this is most probably the reason.

Thanks to those who are helping us get back on our feet :D

The Royal Ram

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