Has anyone used HostGator for hosting? I think I'm going to switch to them from Yahoo and am wondering if there's any reason I shouldn't.
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  • tec-geektec-geek Beginner Link Clerk
    I'm using them right now. Out of the 5 or 6 hosts that I have used, they are by far the best. They have good prices and very fast support.

  • jdkjdk Beginner Link Clerk
    Do they allow proxy sites?
  • tec-geektec-geek Beginner Link Clerk
    I don't think they do. You'll have to consult the AUP / TOS on their site.
  • whitefangwhitefang Beginner Link Clerk
    I considered Host Gator for a while and the only reason I didn't choose them was that, at the time, I had a better deal with the hosting company I went with. They were offering a large discount for a 1-year sign up and I chose that instead. I have a friend who owns many sites and he uses both Host Gator, my webhost and a few others, and he gave them all about the same rating, so I was comfortable with that. My current webhost has been great for 3-4 months now.
  • dabossdaboss WP V.I.P. ''The Boss'' Administrator
    their affiliate program is excellent... if there are any affliates in this forum and you decide to go with hostgator, maybe you can register using one of the affiliate links to help members in this forum...

    i am not an affiliate myself... :(
  • DeluxeNamesDeluxeNames Admin Administrator
    Has anyone tried to resell for HostGator? They look great to resell for.
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