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I want to introduce myself, I'm one of the new Admins here at the former DevDreams, now Host Boards. I look forward to meeting everyone soon.

I want to publicly thank our other Admin, Python, for the amazing work he's done to build this forum to where it is today and for the TON of work he continues to do behind the scenes.

Our goal is to turn into a place that Hosts find helpful & love. A place to exchange ideas & advice.

We will need everyone's help with suggestions and advice on how to make Host Boards into a place you enjoy. Please tell me what categories and features you want to see added or changed.

The new Logo/Header contest to create the design to be displayed above this forum has now started and ends August 18th. The winner receives $150 & You can find the details in the contest section.

Thank you to everyone that has already contributed so much to DevDreams/Host Boards with your posts, time, and ideas. You are what make us great.


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