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tonytony ModeratorAdministrator
i want to buy a health and/or fitness domain name if you have any please list them with a price and who its registered with and also an expiry date


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    Expires Sep 07
    Reg'd Godaddy
  • CoolSurferCoolSurfer Beginner Link Clerk
    Pl have a look at this thread.
    Site is ww*.onlinemedicalforum.com , it is for a bid.
    Its a moderately visited site. Good hits.
    Invision forum with excellent php scripting , many mods installation.
    Domain booked for 5yrs advance. 
    You will get a full database.for 95000 USD
    Mods installed are for free.
    This is a free medical site giving free medical advice to needy online.
    But now financial advisors, have told to but the site for a bid so that we can focus more on a project bigger than that.
    This forum has doctors and specialists from all over the world here.
    Anyone can just start a good medical forum without the need for members and data etc.
    Final Price 5 Crore Rs
    bid starts from 500$
    Next bid should not be less than 500$
    :any questions pl ask here or send at admin@onlinemedicalforum.com
  • DeluxeNamesDeluxeNames Admin Administrator
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