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JohnJohn Junior MemberNAT Warrior
Heya guys, well I'm not looking into selling my domain any time soon and have a lot planned for the site but I'm just curious on how much the domain could be worth, it's had a fare bit of advertising and is a PR3 domain.

At first I didn't know why I even registered the domain but then after a while of messing around I decided to start learning photoshop so wanted a web master and design based site so decided to start adding tutorials to the forum etc and it brought in a lot of visitors each day since they were added to pixel2life, tutorialized, good-tutorials and I was also contacted by template monster staff to see if they were allowed to link to the tutorials so it's not doing too bad, it's just that the forums are pretty much dead but I'll work on getting the forums more active soon I hope.

The domain is and thanks to anyone that is able to appraise it :)
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  • DeluxeNamesDeluxeNames Admin Administrator
    Hey you've got a nice site there. A domain with a site on it is worth much more than the domain itself.

    I'm guessing that JS stands for something. If so what?

    While I wouldn't say you will be able to sell the domain, for a lot by itself, (maybe $50 usd if you're lucky) with the value you've added from the site, well now it's worth more.
  • JohnJohn Junior Member NAT Warrior
    Thanks, well... I got the domain while I was at college and really needed a place to keep coursework and other things I was working on while at college so I bought my first domain since I couldn't think of anything else for a personal site, JS is just my name John Slane and I'll probably end up getting another domain soon that is based more around web design since I'm more into designing etc now than I was back then :)
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