Flash is difficult job...

I used the Macromedia Flash but it is hard to used and it takes lots of time.
So, I changed SWiSH to make easy and fast flash design. :baby:
Is there any other programs to make flash easier?


  • MGDesignsMGDesigns Admin VPS - Virtual Prince of the Server
    Easier as in touch of a button design? You could try Anim FX?

    But I have noticed that it causes problems with Macromedia/Adobe Flash Player :(
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  • SamSam Beginner Link Clerk
    MM Flash is the best program, just do tutorials on it and show whos boss.
  • cooljebacooljeba Beginner Link Clerk
    I agree swish is easier because it has predefined animations etc.. but still Flash rocks anyday :D

    ..:: peace ::..
  • Sparkydude31809Sparkydude31809 Junior Member Shared Hoster
    Sam wrote: »
    MM Flash is the best program, just do tutorials on it and show whos boss.

    True..Althought I do not use it my friends told me if I ever went into flash that would be the best
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  • NitroNitro Beginner Link Clerk
    I started out with Swish as well, but when I went back to school, I learned Flash.. now I wouldn't use anything but. It's actually pretty easy to use once you get it down.
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  • omoiomoi Junior Member Shared Hoster
    I've been trying to find things like flash that are easier, too. So I'll probably try these suggestions as well. :)
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  • madelinekimmadelinekim Beginner Link Clerk
    There are so many of good flash player available online so you have to find it on the web. In my opinion Adobe flash player is the best to use you have to try it. I also want to say you that you have to use flash tutorial to learn about flash.
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