Favorite animation: Dynamic jpeg, Animated gif or Flash?

Was in a discussion with a friend yesterday and the topic came up, between Dynamic jpeg, Animated gif, or Flash what is your animation of choice and why?


  • MGDesignsMGDesigns Admin VPS - Virtual Prince of the Server
    Mine would have to be Flash, not that I'm anywhere near mastering it (yet) *snicker* :D

    My reasons are, smaller file size and none of the dithering optimisation yucky pixellation ;)

    Very technical eh LOL
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  • NuvoNuvo Forum Leader VPS - Virtual Prince of the Server
    MING once it comes out because not needing Flash player + PNG level graphics + alpha transparency + animation = yes.

    .mng is basically .png, but with animation support, meaning higher image quality than .jpg images as well as the animation you'd expect in .gif images.

    I only ever use .png images and there's no real viable alternative to Macromedia Flash under Linux as of yet (there's projects in development, but nothing 100% solid yet..
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  • GinavereGinavere Junior Member Shared Hoster
    Animated gif is the only thing I can do :)
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  • mattdamonmattdamon Beginner Link Clerk
    Animated gif, will be better-
    bacause if we are using flash it will make the website slow
    its is not compatibly with mobile and ipad's

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  • madelinekimmadelinekim Beginner Link Clerk
    I think flash is one of the best and latest technology to use these days. It is really very useful for creating animation in the website that help to attract the visitors.
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