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Due to the vast amount of growing affiliate programs out there, what would be your recommendations of programs to join? Affiliate programs to avoid? What advice can be given to those less in the know?
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    Only affiliate with sites you trust and watch what info you give out.
    For example, I'd be more likely to make use of Grid Project, but only because I've known Felix from other forums, so I trust him enough and am pretty sure that he won't try anything silly.
    If it's a site with higher traffic that you know isn't going to sell any data you give them to terrorists, then go ahead as you'll probably get more from those than from smaller sites with less users.

    Also, I don't put much faith into PageRank as an algorythm can't assess if a site is getting visitors because it's a genuinely good site, or because it's something like one of those extreme ownage images that people think are funny, but actually aren't (I could name a few, but they are pretty vile and well known).
    True, keeping track of how many times a computer visits is possible if it's on broadband, but not everyone is, so you'll be logging multiple IP's from 56k users and possibly only one or two from libraries and net bars which probably have a broadband connection.
    Basically, a site with a high PR might not always be a site you want to be connected with.
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  • This may sound weird but on my experience affiliate barely works. If you are starting from the ground up then it might be overwhelming for you. Look anything with people involve requires a lot of eyes and you cannot get those from the jump as it will take time. If you have a large following then yes but starting from scratch is another story. I have been there.

  • I'm just starting out too. So you can try Amazon associate. I'm using their program. But so far I'm not having issues. So you should try out either Amazon or clickbank

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