New Designer Tips?

Hello, I posted this same question in about 10 forums today and I'm curious if any experts in this forum would be willing to give me some startup pointers on what to do and what not to do in web design.

I'm new as you can tell and a little green. I want the best methods up front so I dont end up using the wrong design habits which I could later regret.

My first sites were all front page sites using Microsoft Front Page but it seems everyone says to use Dreamweaver. Why is Dreamweaver so good?

thank you in advance


  • xPureNLxxPureNLx Moderator The Royal RAM
    Start reading e-books about web-development.

    I think both Dreamweaver and Frontpage aren't that great. I also think all PHP/ASP.NETprogrammers and webdesigners agree with me ^^.

    First things first: start with HTML, XHTML and so on. These are the basics of web-development and programming (however HTML is just a scripting language). Later, try to study either PHP or ASP.NET. The difference: money (hosting). ASP(.NET) hosting is mostly very expensive. Another difference is the structure. My experiences showed me ASP(.NET) is much more easy to read, program and understand than PHP, which I think is an ugly, but good programming language + it's free ^^.

    Okay, back to the designing part. Probably 90% of the webdesigners use Adobe Photoshop. Try reading some e-books or buy a beginners book. I am currently re-watching's video tutorial about Adobe Photoshop (I quit webdesign about 6 months ago, starting again...).

    The best beginners website voor programming:

    Hope this helpt ^^
  • NuvoNuvo Forum Leader VPS - Virtual Prince of the Server
    Sorry to rain on you're party, but HTML isn't a scripting language.
    HTML, XHTML, XML and so on are markup languages, which is why you can't build full blown apps with them.
    PHP, ASP, Perl and so on are server side scripting languages, which interact with databases and data on the server so that they can do more and can run even though the end user doesn't have support for them.
    JavaScript, JScript, ActionScript and such are client side scripting languages which execute on the client system either through inbuilt support from the browser (JavaScript and JScript) or through a browser plugin such as the Flash player (JavaScript, JScript & ActionScript are types of EMCA Script, which you can thank Sun and Mozilla \ Netscape for).
    CSS and XSLT are styling languages, meaning they are parsed in order to change the display properties of HTML, XHTML or XML.
    PHP, CSS, XHTML, Delphi, Ruby on Rails & more.
    Current project: CMS Object.
    Most recent change: Theme support is up and running... So long as I use my theme resource loaders instead of that in the Rails plug-in.
    Release date: NEVER!!!
  • xPureNLxxPureNLx Moderator The Royal RAM
    Hmm yes, you're right Nuvo :) (Hyper Text Markup Language)...

    My bad =)
  • robertflicksrobertflicks Beginner Link Clerk
    If you are new to web designing than the most important thing you need to know is HTML. It is the base and very compulsory. The are many website on Internet that helps you learning all courses needed to create and attractive website. Visit to w3schools is the best website on Internet that guide you all about HTML and other that you want to know.
  • teenaroseteenarose Beginner Link Clerk
    1. Select and stick to a colour scheme
    2. Use templates.
    3. Don’t go overboard on special effects
    4. Content is King
    5. Provide an easy to use navigation system.

    Key Factors that Ensure Effective Graphic Design

    1.Organization of Elements
    2.Choosing the Right Colors
    3.Color Consistency
    4.Focus on Readability
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  • madelinekimmadelinekim Beginner Link Clerk
    I want to say you that first you have to start learn web development. There are so many of tutorials available online that will be very useful for your to learn web development. I also want to say you that to create good website design first you have to make website planing, site structure, web content, font size, colour theme etc to make clean and good looking website design.
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