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I had a sudden fear jump into my head when I was offered money to create.

The fear was how well do I rate my design work in order to put a price on it and my brain stopped dead in it's tracks. However, I am working towards putting an end to this fear LOL.

Does anyone in here have sudden or long-term fears in regards to their design (art/graphic/coding etc) skills?
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    fears regarding you design? hey man, if people want to pay for your designs, just sell it to them. the fact that they commissioned you for the job means that they think you are up to the job... :D

    so get back to work... and stop looking for excuses to stop working...
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    LOL appreciate the words of wisdom ;)
    A cynic is a person who when smells flowers looks around for a coffin! :rolleyes:
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    Yeah, I've been a bit frewaked when asked to do jobs in the past.
    My basic way of doing things is to ask them what they are looking for and roughly what they want to pay for it.
    That way, I know around what fee I can ask for.
    I don't tend to do commercial stuff though and usually get something other than money as a reward or gift (like free hosting for a year :D).

    My brotherinlaw once wanted me to rebuild a site for a shop he used to own and the site he had was built with a heavy use of Flash, which doesn't appeal to me (not because Flash is bad, but because it shouldn't be used for full sites).
    He said he'd mention who built it if he was asked, but I ended up not doing it for a number of reasons (not knowing if I could pull it off at the time (2001-ish) and him feeling that things weren't going right enough at the time to bother with producing a new site and product catalogue).

    Money isn't as important to me as web dev isn't the only thing I can do for proffit, but more of a hobby which allows me to express myself despite being a lefty who's not overly great at drawing and is colour blind.
    No matter what I get out of it though, I always try to offer a good service (doing mock up's and gathering idea's to get good results).
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  • robertflicksrobertflicks Beginner Link Clerk
    There is no need to have fear about your designed website. Infect I would say you always need to love your work and appreciate it by yourself only. Designing a website is not an easy task and is not done by everyone so found yourself the best and remove the fear of design.
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