Missing content, dead links and DevDreams.

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Since the topic Python (the old owner) created regarding this has sort of, erm, vanished, I'll do this instead.

I can't access XYZ page:
The site, rather unfortunately, had a slight problem earlier in the year.
When I say slight, I actually mean that the old hosting company that Python used decided to pack up and run for the hills without telling anyone of giving them chance to get a recent backup.
This caused the death of pretty much every site Python had up at the time, including DevDreams and Tutorial Dash.
DevDreams was saved by Python having an older backup of the site saved on his local system, which is pretty much what is being used at the moment until the relaunch under the new title and new ownership.
Basically, if you can't access a tutorial, chances are that it's gone from the database, but if it's a more recent tutorial (after around May 2006), you should try contacting the Admin, DeluxeNames.

Linking to DevDreams, what to do:
Links to DevDreams are still usable and will remain so permanently. Since the site is pretty much the same underneath the cosmetic changes, changing devdreams to webmasterpost in the URL's you're using should fix things right up.
If you've tried changing the URL and you get a dead link, it's possible that the page you're linking to either no longer exists, or has been moved.

DevDreams was put up for sale shortly after being revived from the previously mentioned crash so that Python could put more time into new projects. The site was eventually bought by Bryant, who goes by DeluxeNames.

The site was renamed to Webmaster Post, and a redesign of the actual site came about.
The new banner was created through a competition, which statd won with CannonBallGuy in second place (the prize was $150 USD).

Where's Python and the rest of the old gang:
Many older members are still around.
Python built a new site at TutorialDash.com but has since sold it, and it's not clear what he's working on now.
Danielneri, CannonBallGuy, Tony, myself and some others can still be found floating about.
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