What determines which domain gets the PR with a 301 redirect?

DeluxeNamesDeluxeNames AdminAdministrator
When you have a higher PR domain 301 redirecting to a lower PR domain, at what point will Google transfer the PR to the domain it's directing too? Or maybe never?

I'm asking because here at WebmasterPost, the former name for this site, DevDreams.com, retains a PR4 while WebmasterPost has a PR of "0". At some point, will Google transfer the PR of DevDreams to WebmasterPost because it's a 301 redirect? Some of the reason that DevDreams.com retains the PR 4 is that in our metatags at WebmasterPost.com, DevDreams.com is still listed.



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    Bryant has everyone that was linking to DevDreams been contacted to change their links to WebmasterPost? :)
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    Hmm, good question MG. Maybe it has something to do with earlier visits... dunno...

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    Yeah i also think it's something related to earlier visits.
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  • tonytony Moderator Administrator
    it will be.
    so long as the links are directe at devdreams, the PR will always remain although i think what you were getting at is when it will be appearing on wp insead of dd, i have a feeling it will happen in the next update
  • WatchOutWatchOut Advanced User VPS - Virtual Prince of the Server
    I see, thanks tony for your explanation.
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