Hi all,

Please could i get some reviews on

232 members in 3 weeks :)



  • rebelagentrebelagent Junior Member Shared Hoster
    torrents are popular but are dying out because the security risks involved. If you get that forum big enough say 1000 members+ and 500+ posts with active members you may be able to get $200-$500

    The hyphen drops value and it is a long domain name but there is still a lot to do with it
  • omoiomoi Junior Member Shared Hoster
    I agree with rebel agent. You'll be able to make some money off of it but that's only if torrents manage to keep up popularity; again like rebel agent said, they're losing it. I actually like the domain name, though. I think it's nice, but it is a little long and may be harder to remember
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  • xPureNLxxPureNLx Moderator The Royal RAM
    hmm, there's always a risk when creating a torrent website... I'd say: sell it when it's at its best...

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  • DeluxeNamesDeluxeNames Admin Administrator
    pipsta wrote: »
    Hi all,
    Please could i get some reviews on
    232 members in 3 weeks :)

    Wow, how did you get so many membes so fast? I'm not a fan of the domain as it has a "-" and I like ".net" almost least of all (except ".biz" which I dislike more).

    Like xPure said, sell it at it's peak and see what you can get for it.
  • pipstapipsta Beginner Link Clerk
    i dunno really, over 200 sites with links to it according to webalizer lol, and btw, alive for 6 weeks and there is 463 members lol, gettin around 200-400 members a month lol
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