appraisal please-- and another

Hey, you guys have been soo helpful in everything els here, i thought i would try my luck at an appraisal...

The names: -- personal site (not done yet) -- still not sure what to do with it (nothing on it.) -- still not sure what to do with it, thinking a forum(nothing on it)

im just wondering what you THINK i might get out of these names IF i were to sell thim :D

Thanks in addvance



  • rebelagentrebelagent Junior Member Shared Hoster is brandable easy to remember im guesstin low xxx to mid xxx unless you develop it and get pr then we may see 1,000 at most. if you have t1 internet i know a great tut where you can host your own radio from your computer with a numerous amount of users....otherwise make it a blog get pr and sell to the highest bidder. You can try a forum but there are so many now. Grease Pits are real and the domain increased with value at that moment. You can give tips on how to clean a pit? Otherwise a forum like you said would be great! I also invision that a gross humor site may do it some good if advertised to the right public. I see mid xx and 100 max unless you get PR
  • jessithajessitha Beginner Link Clerk
    This is your domain appraisal for 3 domains: -$70 - $280 -$137 - $412 -$16 - $64
    I have checked your domain appraisal in . They provide free service.You can also check it 20 domain appraisal at a time.
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