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www.FreeScreensaversHome.com (please let me know if you need more information, url, for instance) is a complete online business, a web site with a totally unique great 3D content fully prepared for free distribution, sold together with exclusive rights to 60 3D unique animated screensavers and wallpapers of the highest artistic and technical quality.

FreeScreensaversHome has a professional and nice design, easy-to-navigate interface, and, what is more important, 30 beautiful 3D animated screensavers and 30 animated wallpapers (the latter are not uploaded to the site currently) bundled with Zango software. Users download and install screensavers for free (ZangoCash pays $0.50 per every US install), so even a moderate number of visitors guarantees a steady revenue stream. You can use your own bundles or any other revenue generation method because the site is sold with the exclusive rights to the content. The owner of the web site can license the content to third party companies, sell it, distribute it in any way without any limitations.

FreeScreensaversHome offers an affiliate program - very simple and easy to maintain, since the affiliate registration and processing is done by Zango, and the owner of the web site will be getting affiliate system benefits without investing any time or money into setting the system in place.

Free Screensavers Home has been promoted for over a year (a combination of the most efficient and perfectly ethical promotional methods was used), it is registered in search engines and has very good medium frequency keyword ratings in the major search engines. Without a single dollar invested in advertising and links exchange, FSSH currently has over 5,000 visitors a month. Due to the promotional efforts that have been put into it earlier, FSSH is on its way up and will have excellent natural listings very soon.

The web site is sold along with 100% exclusive rights to 30 unique screensavers and 30 unique wallpapers of the highest artistic and technical quality, 60 products in total. The regular price per licensing is USD 6,000 per product. Sold as a package, right now they come at 1,000 each, and the web site (evaluated by the independent company, which has estimated its cost at USD 12,000) is given to the licensor free, so the business currently worth 372,000 is now sold for 60,000.

:hello: In addition to advertising, bundles and other kinds of earnings, licensor can sell non-exclusive rights to the screensavers (the current price is USD2,000), thus making the investment even more profitable.

Detailed information is available upon request via email business[at]illustration-world.com


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    Please let me know if you need some more information (the summary stat for December, links to some of our products, etc.).

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