CMS Recommendations for a Web Design Site?

JohnJohn Junior MemberShared Hoster
Hiya guys,

I'm now on the hunt for a good CMS to save me some time and make it a lot easier to add content to my site. The type of CMS I'm looking for is a CMS that is easy to use, easy to theme, has good support and plenty of plugins or mods that can be used with it.

If you can recommend a good one that you've either used or seen being used please reply and let me know! Thanks :)
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  • DeluxeNamesDeluxeNames Admin Administrator
    I like three CMS's best:
    1) Drupal
    2) Joomla
    3) WordPress (probably the most simple/easiest of them all)

    Here is a nice Comparison of many CMS's:
  • LurkinBackLurkinBack Senior Member The Royal RAM
    Not that it'll be ready for when you need it but I'm making my own right now. Learning PHP while I go! If I ever get it done properly I might tidy it up and release it :D
  • JohnJohn Junior Member Shared Hoster
    Thanks for those CMS's, I'll check Drupal in the morning and see if it's what I'm looking for. I've tried Joomla and it's the most confusing CMS I've seen, once people get used to it then I can already see it's good but I'll skip it for now :P
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  • tonytony Moderator Administrator
    Ive tried a few CMS and generally found them to be not very good, if you want to change something the design or layout its hard unless you get a skin which usually other people have so it isnt unique.

    There are things that you can use, such as php include for things like links, ads, menus etc and then headers and footers, which means you can have a site done and all you hav to do is add the content, then if you want to change something on the whole site, its just a simple change of 1 file, which i think is the idea behind a CMS but all the 1s ive used have never managed to keep me as a user
  • LurkinBackLurkinBack Senior Member The Royal RAM
    The real idea behind a CMS is that you have a "template" page that holds calls to your database running in the background. This way you can add, delete, and manage your content online using an admin section, rather than rooting through code to update.

    Also you can use flags set ie useronline to show different images or secure pages to your hearts desire.

    You are right about the skins, its the reason I designed my own, you just can't get unique if you go for a ready created one unless you know how to create your own theme, but to do that effectively you will need to know PHP to be able to change where the information is displayed.
  • danielneridanielneri WP V.I.P. VPS - Virtual Prince of the Server
    I would also strongly recommend drupal as your first choice.

    I've seen it widely used all over the place and as far as I know, its quite flexible and there are quite a few mods for it :)

    A nice place to go for CMSs is they have tons of cmss and cms related things, all with live demos and feedback!

    Enjoy :D
  • tonytony Moderator Administrator
    personally if someone was to create 1 that could easily be skinned, ad didnt contain things that hardly anyone uses, i would consider looking at 1 again.
  • JohnJohn Junior Member Shared Hoster
    I've had a look at a few now and can't seem to find any that are easy to theme and as you said tony they're mostly full of useless things :P I'll use php includes for now until I either find one I like or make my own small cms :)
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  • FunkyDiverFunkyDiver Beginner Link Clerk
    I've used a number of them... including phpNUKE (Aaaaaaaargggghhhh), Joomla and E107.

    Personally I am really liking Joomla, mainly for the administrative rights in it and user management.

    One thing I've learnt it yes, you are right, it does seem a bit difficult to use the additional features, but if you don't need 'em, just disable them in the back end.

    One thing that they all do though, is give you the architecture to play around with, so that you can show which content you wish to whomever you wish. You don't HAVE to stick with the format that's there.

    For example... this site is based on Joomla. the layout, etc suits their purposes.

    2 column layout, menu system on the left, content area on the right.

    Now notice the three links at the top, and click the Community link. You will notice the site is still wrapping the forum, except the menus on the left have magically disappeared. OK, so they haven't. I just created a duplicate templaate of the first one and edited which menu portions show on this page (ie None)

    The code for the links on the images look like this, btw.
    <a href="<?php echo "$GLOBALS[mosConfig_live_site]"; ?>" class="home">&nbsp;</a>

    So there's no reason to be scared. Create your image, slice it up and use image mapping to create the site the way you want it, cutting out the bits you need, and removing the bits you don't.

    Have fun :)
  • SoummaTawSoummaTaw Junior Member Shared Hoster
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