Apple's iPhone is coming- do you have your iPhone site?

the following sites are on ebay for the next 7 days- all are godaddy. iPhone is coming and going to be the hottest thing on the market when it hits- get a site :-)



  • omoiomoi Junior Member Shared Hoster
    I'm curious about the iPhone, is it a mobile phone? Anyways, those sound like they're going to be some really hot buys (iPhone is definitely going to draw a lot of attention). Best of luck!
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  • DeluxeNamesDeluxeNames Admin Administrator
    That was very smart of you to get these SmashFactory, I think they will sell.
  • smashfactorysmashfactory Beginner Link Clerk
    actually- they wont :-) they are back in the mix- apple didnt make the dang iphone :-)
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