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Computer Forumz Contest #3

Hello Dear Members,

Computer Forumz are now offering free Premium accounts (49$) at It's a very good deal, since we have very low requirements, and you can get upto five accounts.

What you will need to do :

- Do 20 posts to get a premium account

- If you want to obtain 5 premium accounts, simply do 80 posts.

When you have done one of the options above, please go to and signup for a free account, remember your account id, very important! Now once you have done this, go back to and send an private message with your post count, and with your Misterupload account username.

When you have done these requests, you will get your account upgraded to a premium account within a couple of hours.

Good luck to all the contestants, and only quality posts are valid posts, no ''thank you a lot mate'' replies.

Best Regards,

Computer Forumz Administration
Computer Forumz


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