Offer effective helpdesk software here

There are many different kinds of this tool in markets, but I think ikode helpdesk software is the Mr. Right to your company after contrast. The following points are the typical to iKode helpdesk software.
Based on the foregoing emails, the system can assign the tasks to relative personal automatically, which benefits the efficiency of operation.
Helpdesk software will file and classify the tickets well-managed, which will save customers' time. It means that customers will get the corresponding solutions when they put forward the tickets which had been resolved.
With the systematical setup, the time differences will be the obstacle to give timely response to foreign customers no longer. You can take charge of the sending time by yourself.
Never be afraid of the havoc that brought by the system. The system will distribute the tasks to professional personal who have time to solve this tickets.
The ease to use the iKode helpdesk software is its another feature. The 100% web-based php script will allow you to use it anywhere, anytime and any device. What you should doo is just to log in the system with the given name and keyword.
The synchronous emails will inform you whether the tickets have been solved.
The appearance of the customers' front-end, the color and the logo of the software could be customized.
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