Shohost is a Data Theft Company

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Shohost has been our Reseller(HostEvil) for about 3 Months and then left the Hostings and created their Own VPS Server to sell cPanel. They bought Reseller Hosting from us(CloudMate) on Our IP Address in April 2021 the Name of Server unstable and hacked and so we helped them removing the Malwares and Migrating their Data to our Server but it seems like they have misused the Transfer and Purchased Reseller Hosting Intentionally to Hack the Server and Gain Data. They almost succeeded in the Attempt for changing root password and Hacking one of our Reseller's WHMCS but we prevented those Attacks. They planned a Total of 2914 Malwares. Unfortunately, We had to Suspend the Reseller when we came of Know of Data Theft and requested the Owner to Perform a Recovery and Password Change as soon as Possible. Next, They Moved away from our Servers after 8 Days requesting a Backup and refund. We provided a Full Backup but as per our 7-Day Return Policy, We did not issue a Refund and They wrote a Bad review about us about our Speeds which is totally fake. In Total, This Company is a Total Fraud, Unregistered and Screenshots and Other stuff are attached as proofs. We also do have Call Recordings which can be provided through our Email . We have also prepared to File a Legal Complaint against this matter and will proceed with it shortly. If Anyone does need proof, They can Submit their request to and Get a Complete thread of Proofs.

The whole thing was intented and Properly executed but they Still Don't know that we have 24X7 Server Administrators online to Monitor any Actions or Attacks. Now see the Level of Attacks and Intentions people.

Hacker's SSH Keys(Which he Added successfully and We removed it after 16 Minutes):
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABgQC7Y1XHdluhC/l+sx9EhTzfO1HsY2rPORak/yIr1PVzoxWGQ1E73hE97Ylf7+KiCs+F+X2UtL1Gm/Y58E8eUC35taJinkHcZWQ9L$

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