Apple threatened by 50 Million Ransome Wear

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The REvil ransomware gang has found a fresh target. BleepingComputer and Bloomberg report the group is threatening Apple after one of the tech giant's key MacBook suppliers, Quanta, allegedly refused to pay a $50 million ransom following a hack targeting its systems. The attackers disclosed their efforts alongside Apple's spring event after Quanta reportedly signaled that it wouldn't pay by the April 27th deadline, and leaked what appeared to be component schematics for a MacBook design from March.

REvil said it would hike the demand to $100 million if Quanta didn't pay by the specified date. It claimed to have "all local network data" from the contract manufacturer, although it's not clear how much it really has.
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  • I dont think that Apple will pay $50 million to this gang. because it might be a trap.

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