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Running WordPress based solution and looking to improve your OFFPage SEO?
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Main features included:

Rank Reporter – check Google rank positions and get detailed analysis regarding link building

  • Monitor Google SERP positions for up to every day change.
  • Analyze positions in relation to backlinks you obtained.

Backlink management – record backlink, track if link is still present, get overview of total and monthly expenses

  • Write down all your backlinks
  • See total and monthly costs
  • Automatically check if backlins are still present

Google Search Console – display data directly in your WordPress!

  • Connect to Google Search Console to display the most successful pages and keywords
  • Automatically links to keywords you track

You have 2 options:


  • Limited number of keywords (Requests are processed by your own server and we are limited by Google anti-scrape techniques of how many keyword we can get)
  • Inconsistent results (Two reasons. You get results based on location of your server, not you as a user. And sometimes Google can prevent you from getting the results)
  • Unlimited backlinks management
  • Google Search Console connection


  • Unlimited number of keywords (The plugin sends all keywords you want to track to our API server, we do the work on our end and send you back the results)
  • Consistent and precise results (We use servers across the globe based on your settings preferences)
  • Unlimited backlinks management
  • Google Search Console connection

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