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Dear Domainers everywhere,

This week it has been made clear to me by events in the following thread at NamePros (industry's #1 Domain Forum) that your domains are most safe at a small Registry like where you can still contact the owner, Rob Monster, directly; please read more here:

Large Registries like & are too big, corporate, & impersonal to help small domain investors at our time of need. They aren't able to bend rigid & outdated policies to do the right thing based on the circumstances of a particular case like

Secondly, I'm reminded that if you have a domain issue, go directly to the best Domain Attorney, John Berryhill:
He's successfully represented me & I highly recommend him to others.

I'm disappointed with as I thought they would act with integrity and open up their own independent investigation instead of relying on who we already knew was too big to be helpful. But I thought the smaller & more domainer-friendly would help because they had a better reputation than terrible GoDaddy.

Turns out is also too filled with red-tape to care or flex their policy based on the circumstances. I will be moving my ~thousand domains away from to a Registry small enough to care & with an owner I can message directly, @RobMonster at If JixHost had been moved to Epik, you'd have your domain back the first week it was stolen.

Please, everyone with a voice, urge others to move their domains away from Namecheap for your own safety.

Bryant Jones

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