Laravel vs CodeIgniter Framework, Which is Best?

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When you compare the 2 coding frameworks, Laravel vs CodeIgniter, which is best in your opinion? Here below is some background about both courtesy of


Laravel is an open-source widely used PHP framework. The platform was intended for the development of web application by using MVC architectural pattern. Laravel is released under the MIT license. Therefore its source code is hosted on GitHub. It is a reliable PHP framework as it follows expressive and accurate language rules.


CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework. It is built for developers who like a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. CodeIgniter is one of the best options for creating dynamic websites using PHP.

It provides complete freedom for the users as they don't need to depend on the MVC development pattern. Moreover, it allows third-party plugins which can be useful to implement complicated functionalities. It also offers awesome security and encryption procedures.

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