IncogNET CONTEST give away TODAY! VPN, CloudLinux Shared & Finland KVM VPS!

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Our newest "Trusted Premium Provider", @IncogNet LLC ( is proud to share it's 1st giveaway TODAY!

The giveaway. "Okay, cool. I want free stuff!"

IncogNet is offering the following products for FREE as part of a contest TODAY! Do not delay to post in this thread to enter:

Here are the services they offer:
Luxembourg based Shared Hosting. We're using CloudLinux, DirectAdmin, and Softaculous. Not only is this a rock solid service for general, everyday use type of shared hosting, we let you publish content direct to the 'regular internet' as well as mirror that same content to the Tor and/or the I2P anonymity networks if you wish! Our goal is to push normal, regular, 'every day content' to networks that respect your privacy. This feature is optional and is setup manually, but those who opt in will receive a native .onion address and/or I2P address. (v3 onion, I2P b32 + .i2p upon request). For sites requiring the most privacy, please consider using a VPS and setting up your hidden service or I2P eepsite yourself. We'll have guides posted soon!

Ad, tracker, malware, and other "bullshit" blocking VPN service! We maintain our own blocklists and DNS cluster to offer an excellent barebones VPN service with an anycast DNS over Tor setup. Locations: Las Vegas, USA - New York, USA - Roost, Luxembourg - Kiev, Ukraine - Helsinki, Finland. We have plans for additional locations but think these five are a good starting point. This is a barebones service. You receive a OpenVPN configuration file (.ovpn) and we encourage you to use OpenVPN's official software/apps to connect. We have no in-house VPN app or software because we can't do it better than the official software from those who manage the protocol. WireGuard support coming soon, and will be at no extra cost.

AMD Ryzen KVM Virtual Servers in Helsinki, Finland! The people want Ryzen, and the people want privacy. We combine both with our Finnish based KVM servers. We currently have very limited VPS capacity due to small initial deployment with Hetzner. New stock will be added as interest is gauged. Additional service locations coming soon, including Moldova (Intel based) and Luxembourg. We are currently renting/leasing hardware due to being a new company and COVID / Crypto negatively impacting the hardware market (IE: It's insanely expensive to build out nodes). We have several location and lease options available to us now, all thanks to relationships formed from a long time in the industry... So keep an eye out!

Rules For the Contest

Three lucky people will win our annual "Standard" Shared Hosting plans ( ) that use DirectAdmin and CloudLinux in our Luxembourg location with the option to mirror content on both the I2P and Tor anonymity network upon request! This package is worth $30/YR!

Three lucky people will win an annual VPN service with three locations of their choice. ( See VPN details here: ). Browse the web and use mobile apps without all the ads, trackers and 'bullshit'. This package is worth $45/YR!

One lucky person will win an annual 512MB VPS in our Finnish location! (Plans are shown here: ) This package is worth $50/YR!

How to enter:

Step 1.) Follow us on social media! Honestly, we hate social media but we can't ignore an outlet for promoting products that help fight against big tech.

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, either one or both. Doesn't matter. We'll use these platforms to share updates and promote our blog posts as they're written.

Step 2.) Respond to this thread and enter by posting a comment, "GIVEAWAY ENTRY: VPN" (or "VPS" or "SHARED". You can enter more than one or all three to express interest in entering to win for that particular service)

NO NEED to tell us you liked or followed us on social media. We don't care or want to know who you really are on social media, this is basically just the honor system. We are trying to grow our social media accounts, however, so if you use them please follow us. If you don't use Social Media, good for you. You can still enter... We really have no way of knowing anyway...

Step 3.) Wait one week. Seven (7) days after this post, we will announce all of the winners in this thread. They will be chosen at random by us and tagged. Details on how to claim your winning will be sent via PM.

Don't want to wait a week? No problem! We have some LowEndTalk special deals available in limited supply, right now!
Although we're not a "low end" specific business, we do want to offer occasional and limited LowEndTalk specific deals. We all have a lot to owe to communities like this, so this is sort of a way of giving back. Everything is limited stock right now however stock will be replenished as needed and able.

VPS Deal - KVM - Finland - $7 per month

vCPU: 1 core @ 3Ghz+ (AMD Ryzen)
RAM: 2048MB
Disk: 30GB
IPv4: 1
BW: 5TB @ 1Gbps
DDoS Protection
Just $7 per month! - Order Here! (Normally $13/mo) Use Coupon: LETVPS

VPN DEAL - Choose 3 locations for just $7 per quarter!

Choose your locations: Luxembourg, Finland, Ukraine, Las Vegas, New York.

Receive a configuration file for each location you choose! (Ex: Desktop can be
connected to Ukraine, laptop connected to Finland, and mobile connected to
Luxembourg. Switch one device between all three locations or use each location
all at once from different devices!)

Blocks ads, trackers, and other "BS".

No data cap, no logging, no trickery.
Just $7 per QUARTER! - Order Here! (Normally $13/quarter) Use Coupon: LETVPN

SHARED DEAL - CloudLinuxOS - DirectAdmin - Softaculous - Just $7 per quarter!

15GB fast SSD Storage
Unmetered Bandwidth
No hard domain limit.
Apache+Nginx Reverse Proxy. It's fast!
Clearnet, I2P, Tor availability
No email account limt
No sub-domain limit
No MySQL DB Limit
No FTP Account Limit
NodeJS Version Selector
PHP Version Selector
Python Version Selector
CloudLinuxOS for performance and security
Direct Admin Control Panel
Basic support after initial setup
PGP Encrypted Webmail
Located in Luxembourg
Just $7 per QUARTER! - Order Here! (Normally $13/quarter) Use Coupon: LETSHARED


WWW Site:
Tor Site: http://incogwebxwgsnbkrquxku3qwh5qkywvlet77st5i5tcvqmq4xdmspuad.onion/
I2P Site: ( .i2p | .b32 | Helper )
Yggdrasil Site: ( IPv6 | .YGG )

Privacy Policy:

FAQ in the comments.

EDIT: All orders are manually accepted. Please allow "up to" a day for setup, though generally it's within a couple of hours. This time frame is the same for support.

So what is IncogNet and why should I give you my business?

I formed IncogNet because I grew tired of the current state of the internet where privacy is rarely offered or encouraged, and where companies big and small collect, track, sell, and often leak personal details about their users. There seems to be a new trend of big tech acting politically, whereas I believe freedom of speech and expression is a fundamental human right. I don't have to like what you say to support the right for it to be said. It's in my opinion that companies and service providers should be apolitical and not take hard stances on speech and that normal, everyday internet users should consider taking steps to protect themselves online.

TL;DR: We're just a very small team of people who have been in the hosting industry for a very long time, all in different roles, and who just want to offer simple solutions to what we consider modern day digital problems. That's really about as simple as I can explain it.

How does your VPN service block ads?

We maintain our own DNS blocklists that was sourced from other public lists. We then ran a beta program for a few months to help fine tune it more with common, everyday usage. It blocks most embedded ads, including all of the major ad-networks as well as analytic trackers, known malicious sites (IE: Sites serving malware) and other "bullshit". The idea is to not block CONTENT, but instead to just block JUNK. So, if you don't want to run heavy browser extensions or app addons to block stuff, let us do the work for you at the DNS level on all devices. We still rely on feedback to improve the blocklists so it's something that is changing and becoming better with time.

What is your VPN's DNS over Tor?

We're using a surprisingly fast and stable anycast DNS setup over Tor, where your DNS requests get sent to the nearest DNS server in our small cluster of 3 DNS servers (Las Vegas, New York, and Luxembourg. Miami soon. Thanks BuyVM!) and is finished from a random selection within a pool of geographically near Tor nodes. The end point of your DNS request will be changing frequently. This is a big improvement where we were recently using a single DNS server and unbound in Luxembourg for all locations. While this setup worked, it still provided a single point of failure and we wanted to eliminate that.

Is this a legit business? Where are you registered?

IncogNet is legally operating as an LLC and registered in the great state of Wyoming in the USA. We chose Wyoming due to taxes and privacy, as they're one of the few states that allow anonymous LLCs. We received our legal status on April 21st of 2021, though had been offering services in very limited capacity since around November of 2020. Despite the short time frame of operation, those of us who contribute and make up IncogNet have been in the industry for a very long time, in various roles within different companies. This isn't a fly-by-night summer host operation, despite the suspect timing, ha!

Can I host whatever I want?

Absolutely not. While we are very strong supporters of free speech and privacy, there are simply things that are recognized in practically all areas of the world as illegal. Our full Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy can be reviewed here: .

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept PayPal (though we are considering dropping them and replacing them with a different merchant for cards) and Crypto as traditional payment. The crypto we accept include: BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, ETC, ETH, LTC, OXEN, THETA/TFUEL, XMR. We will also accept cash or precious metals mailed (with a delay in setup, we must first receive and verify it is real) and barter for larger or for semiannual or longer service periods. We're pretty libertarian. If you offer services like graphic design, content creation, etc -- Hit us up. We may be willing to trade service for service as well.

If you have any other questions, ask them in the comments below or send us a support ticket!

VPS Benchmark

Benchmark ran on the plan offered as a promotion in this thread. Results will obviously vary. Testing with LVM FDE on a remote desktop resulted in similar scores.

Modest nodes intended to host a small number of containers. SSDs, not NVMe's, but performance that will be suitable for most.

Thanked by [1] : Python


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