Which VPS should I try?

Which VPS (kvchosting.net or scalahosting.com) should I try?


  • BarbarossBarbaross Link Clerk

    I am pretty much a novice when it comes to a lot of the different things like mysql,and other areas. They have always been there with a quick resolution to my questions and problems that I did not know how to fix or address. I use them for 5 different sites on one account and every one of them runs flawlessly. If you're looking for reliable low-cost hosting for your site, Kvchosting.net provider.

  • AurumAurum Link Clerk

    VPS plans from QHoster.com and ASVhost.com are full-featured and cheap.
    To sum it up, they are:

    • Super fast speeds
    • 100% uptime
    • Great support team
    • Automatic backup
  • RelevantosRelevantos Link Clerk

    If you know the configuration - that would be better and that will help to understand what you are looking for.
    If you need the best price/service combination, than I can recommend you to have a look at

  • BoneismineBoneismine Link Clerk

    These hosts - kvchosting.net and scalahosting.com - are worthy.
    Good pricing, good customer support, and all the tools you need what more could you need. Highly recommend to try them out.

  • TapiocaTapioca Shared Hoster

    If you are in Europe - check out cloudarion.com
    If you are in the United States - check out kvchosting.net

  • IvanishuIvanishu Link Clerk

    Try VPS plans from digitalserver.com.mx and luxhosting.lu as they are full-featured and inexpensive.
    They provide very knowledgeable support: they are available 24 hours a day. Respond to ticket (or chat) in few minutes and the operators are accurate and competent. Fast servers and 100% uptime.

  • OmniscenOmniscen Link Clerk

    I believe that is one of the best SSD VPS provider.

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