I am looking for a reseller hosting

I am looking for a reseller hosting located in Europe with the following characteristics:

  • Dedicated IP
  • Free License WHMCS
  • Cpanel / WHM
  • 50 or more GB Space
  • 1000GB or more BW
  • Optional: Free End User Support
    Seems to have everything I want at an affordable price.
    What are your views on netshop-isp.com.cy website hosting solutions?
    Are they reliable?


  • OmniscenOmniscen Shared Hoster

    My experience with NetShop ISP hosting has been extremely positive. I have had no problems in working with them to get the account set up and the site published. Although I haven't had a lot of experience with other site providers, I found it's pricing very reasonable.

  • cloudmatecloudmate NAT Warrior

    Visit https://host.cloudmate.in. Free cPanel and WHMCS+ Unlimited Bandwidth. Free Dedicated IPv6 Address for each cPanel Account+ Dedicated IPv4 Address(Upto 8 Single addresses or 2 Subnets[30 Usable IP Addresses] Charges: 3$/month+26$ Setup per IP)

    We also Support Free User End Support for all Unlimited Master and Alpha Packages. Trial Link: https://host.cloudmate.in/cart.php?gid=15

    DC Available: Germany, India, France... US to be available soon

    Shared Hosting | VPS Servers | Dedicated Servers

    Ankesh Anand
    CloudMate Softwares
    Managing Director

  • Nexusbytes & Racknerd both have decent reseller plans. Nexusbytes comes with Blesta billing panel as well.

  • BarbarossBarbaross NAT Warrior

    Well, NetShop ISP Cheap and Fast Web Hosting with Free cPanel & Free Domain is great.
    I got absolutely awesome hosting for a very cheap price. I signed up, which was pretty straight forward.
    Easy to use, friendly interface!

  • RelevantosRelevantos NAT Warrior

    Moved to NetShop-isp.com.cy and fully-satisfied with their cheap hosting services.
    The servers are smooth, and they're always on top of things, answering any questions and making sure I'm happy.

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