IPv6 Support for All Shared Hosting/VPS/Dedicated Servers

Lately, We have been receiving requests from customers regarding support of IPv6 Addresses for Shared Hosting. As a Result, All our HDD Servers, SSD Servers and NVME SSD Servers now support IPv6 for Shared Hosting. The Allocation of IPv6 address and its monthly price would be FREE for all Users.

Points to Note:

A cPanel can have only 1IPv6 allocation(Dedicated IP, Not Shared)
IPv6 Reachability depends upon the End-User ISP support for IPv6.
IPv6 pricing would be free for all users.
Any User who wants to enable IPv6 for their cPanel can avail the Service by creating a Support Ticket.
IPv6 Allocation would be random based, First come first serve basis.
All Dedicated Servers would have /64 Subnet allotted.
All VPS Servers would be allotted /112 Subnet
Current World IPv6 Reachability:

All VPN Providers support IPv6 Reachability
All Major Indian Providers like JIO,Airtel,BSNL,VI(Vodafone-Idea),MTNL,Skynet are 100% IPv6 compliant Operators.
You can test if your ISP support IPv6 from this Link.

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