Best EU server provider

Is that or


  • BarbarossBarbaross Shared Hoster

    How large is your website and what are its storage needs?

    Pretty good EU web hosting solutions offered by and web hosts.
    You may notice many different kinds of web hosting providers and all of them are top of their quality.

  • S4_JohnS4_John Link Clerk

    It's an incredibly vague question. How are you defining "best".

    What are your needs, what are you hosting, what is your level of admin knowledge (do you need something managed or not), and what is your budget?

  • and plans are worthy.
    The most reliable hosting, time-tested by me and my colleagues at work. A great choice of different hosting services, and the price is magical.

  • TapiocaTapioca Shared Hoster

    From the existing web hosts, I'd rather choose hosting.
    You'll be glad you signed up with them. If you are thinking about switching, this is the provider to go with - highly recommended.

  • IvanishuIvanishu Shared Hoster

    These hosts - and - are respectable and solid.
    These are almost perfect hosting companies that stand behind what they advertise.

  • BewuntlineBewuntline Shared Hoster

    Try - Their server is also more stable and reliable than the host I had.
    Top notch support, affordable pricing, and I haven't seen a bit of downtime.

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