Layout Competition!

As some of you may know I am wanting to redesign the Dev Dreams website. It currently lacks colour and deisgn and could be much, much better.

The task
You must create a single page layout which could possibly be used as the new site design for

    The layout must meet the following specifications: Overall width: 755px max It must have 3 columns, one on each side for navigation and content section in the center(like the current design) Easy to read and navigate
Note: There is no need to add content, just add temporary links and filler text.

So theres the basic guide to follow...the rest is up to you.

    You must create it yourself or by help from others. You must not however simply download a previous template and take credit for it. Upon submission you give permission for the staff of to use the template as we wish. You must also agree that we will officially own the template and all files included once submitted. All entries must be sent in by the 15th September, 2004.

    For every template submitted the applicant will receive 100 forum dollars. You can submit a maximum of 3 templates.

The winner of the competition will receive the following:
    2000 forum dollars 0% withdrawal interest on their bank account A link from the devdreams site on every page for 4 months A link in the forum footer for 4 months Entry into an upcoming competition where the prize is a domain of your choice. A permanent link on the links page

So what are you waiting for? Submit your template by sending a PM to me, Python. Send me a compressed zip or rar file which contains all of the layouts files.

If you have any queries please PM me. Each time a submission is entered I will post a screenshot of it here.

Thanks & Good luck!
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