Which VPS is better to have a deal with?

Which VPS is better to have a deal with - legionbox.com or hostsailor.com?


  • myresellerhomemyresellerhome Link Clerk

    Hey there!
    I am not at all familiar with the quality of services provided by the above mentioned hosting providers. But make sure to do your own research before selecting a hosting provider. Do read online reviews and customer testimonials. Also do keep these points in mind.
    When choosing a VPS service provider, it is important to consider the features that they offer.  Some key features to look for include:
    1. Support for a wide range of operating systems.
    2. Easy installation and use.
    3. A variety of configuration options.
    4. Good customer service.
    5. Affordable pricing plans.

  • BarbarossBarbaross NAT Warrior

    Well, I have been hosting my site with Rockhoster.com VPS hosting for 3 years now. Very good web hosting.
    Actually, this is THE best hosting out there. Great prices and great reliability.

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