Ever heard of a hosting provider requiring additional payment to be able to access cPanel?

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One of my clients has a website hosted with Unlimited Web Hosting UK. I logged into their account but couldn't find the cpanel access anywhere. Then I read this:

"The cPanel file manager supports the creation, uploading, editing, and deletion of files. If you're a cPanel hosting customers, you have access to the tool."

This makes it sound like you need to pay extra to be a 'cpanel hosting customer' to actually access the cpanel... which just seems crazy to me! Has anyone experienced this before?

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  • DeluxeNamesDeluxeNames Admin Administrator

    cPanel itself has been aggressively raising the cost of licensing their software over the last couple years, so much so it's no longer a "trivial" cost for web hosts to incorporate. These days if you want to use cPanel as part of a hosting package it wouldn't be surprising to see a surcharge associated with having it enabled for your account, instead of other free panel software.

    I don't think what they're doing is unethical.

  • GOBGOB Beginer NAT Warrior

    Not that unusual for choosing cPanel as it's expensive now. You pay for what you get.

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