Network Solution’s “server migration” completely froze our email on Friday. NOTHING in or out since,

I’m writing this post in a state of shocked panic; I hope you’ll bear with me.

Network Solutions has hosted our tiny website and email since 2002 or 2003. There have been a few hiccups over the years, but nothing as disastrous as this.

All client contact is through email. All of it. Although phone, video conferencing and a tiny website are technically available, they haven’t been used more than a few times over the past 20 years. I don’t think my current client base even knows the website exists. Saying that all client contact is through email is not hyperbole.

A few weeks ago Network Solutions sent a notice that they were going to migrate our email to another server platform. The only service-related statement was that I “may experience intermittent slowness or connectivity issues during this upgrade, which is to be expected.” I received no further notices.

As of Friday, I have not been able to receive or send any email on any platform — their web portal included. I couldn’t even log into the web portal until I spoke with a customer service agent who gave me an alternate address.

Absolutely nothing; test messages sent from a Gmail account do not arrive. I receive no notification or bounce message, just silence.

Neither the autoresponder message nor the forwarding email address are working; nothing but silence.

I don’t even know whether there’s a queue of messages that will eventually arrive in my inbox or if they’ll all get dropped.

I have spoken with their customer service team several times.Each time I was told they were elevating/escalating it and it should be clear within 24 hours. I spoke with them again on Sunday night and was told that 24 hours was just a loose estimate and it could be 36 or even 96 hours. On that last call I was told a supervisor would call me back. I re-contacted them after midnight to hear the recording say they weren’t available after midnight.

Is there any information out there on this? Other people reporting similar problems? Anything?



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