cPanel Price Increase for 2022!

On par literally with the notice 1 year ago of price increases, they're going up again. Here is the web version. Their justification in the FAQ is lacking, as per usual. If you're a host, it's time to raise your prices or switch to DirectAdmin:

2021 2022 2023
Solo 15.00 15.99 15.99
Admin 22.00 24.99 27.99
Pro 32.25 35.99 39.99
Premier 148.5 53.99 59.99
Bulk 0.30 0.34 0.39



  • DaphneDaphne Link Clerk

    Almost all the hosts are increasing their rates. It could have something to do with the massive rates of inflation in the economy

  • DianaDiana Link Clerk

    I hope this doesn't mean people will leave the platform. I just hope the price increase is justified.

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