Mastodon vs. Pleroma, which is better?

DeluxeNamesDeluxeNames AdminAdministrator

This is just my opinion that Pleroma is better when compared to Mastodon.

This debate was started when shut down due to server issues. Ash's has 23,000 participants & at that size, the problems inherent in Mastodon software show up. Ash's instance was not only locking up but started to become unstable due to the stress that the Ruby on Rails driven Mastodon platform puts on your server.

The choice of Ruby for the platform Mastodon (that is supposed to enable decentralization) does not make sense. Most Ruby apps have tens to hundreds of dependencies and require a build environment which immediately limits access to a smaller group of developers familiar with Ruby build environments and who have to debug their way out of any dependency hell.

Customization also becomes a problem. Mastodon, due to the inherent weaknesses of a Ruby on Rails app, wasn't heavily optimized. There is also no particular design in Mastodon itself to enable more transparency and prevent any arbitrary behavior and abuse of power.

The solution is Pleroma. Pleroma is less bloated than its alternative, Mastodon, having fewer software dependencies, and much less resource intensive. Pleroma implements the ActivityPub protocol, just like Mastodon, making Pleroma instances part of the wider Fediverse (an interconnected and decentralized network of independently operated servers).

Please tell us your thoughts?



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