What's 2nd best email to Gmail that keeps your privacy?

Nothing can match Gmail for its, reliability, large size & spam blocking.

I have an SMTP service (e.g. MxRoute.com Mailgun, Sendinblue, Postmark, etc.) to configure with a service like Gmail to.

However, Gmail shares your emails without hesitation with the Federal Government. Gmail is not your Friend.

Something like Protonmail is better but is it a CIA front?

How do we know which email we can trust not to share our data with the Government?



  • This can be subjective I use gmail too but since the question is outside of that I got to say zohomail. Why? because for ome it is rarely used which makes it obscure a good thing for privacy. I even have an account myself for that extra discreet purposes. Depending on how you configure your mail of course.

  • iamdahmmyiamdahmmy Link Clerk

    There are a couple of emails you can use that can guarantee your privacy. They include ProtonMail, Tutanota,
    Secure Email, Guerilla Mail, AnonAddy,
    PrivateMail, Privacy is super important. Hope this helps

  • veebowveebow Link Clerk

    I will actually go with zohomail because it is not widely used, it is more like a mail under the radar, people don't really know about it. It less popularity makes a good choice when it comes to privacy.

  • alicealice Link Clerk

    omg! I have never thought of this with google. It is true, that a free platform, does not necessarily mean it's free. It costs you your privacy. Anyway, I've used GoDaddy mail and Kajabi.

  • OpenInboxOpenInbox Link Clerk

    OpenInbox.com is another privacy focused service like Proton and Tutanota.

  • I feel Microsoft Outlook is a reliable source with good safety features. I know colleges use Outlook as well, proving it's a trusted option.

  • ShantelShantel Link Clerk

    I think Yahoo is a pretty good option. I have used it for a long time

  • RoyRoy Link Clerk

    There is no completely safe email out there. You just have to pick the lesser evil.

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  • DeluxeNamesDeluxeNames Admin Administrator

    @OpenInbox said:
    OpenInbox.com is another privacy focused service like Proton and Tutanota.

    I'm now familiar with OpenInBox and applaud it's security emphasis Sir 👏

    Thank you for offering this service

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