Reseller Hosting with BACKUP?

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Price: under $30
Not interested in some Giant Web hosts. In spite of the good price, they do not have this feature enable.


  • Dedicated IPv4 Address
  • 20G Dedicated SSD Space
  • 1000GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Sub-accounts
    I'd like to see an offer to Reseller Hosting with BACKUP feature in WHM enable. So I can restore backups by myself and I will not need to open a ticket and wait for 5 or 10 days to the team restore a FULL backup. No, I can not do it using Cpanel.
    Fast support could be good too. At least a reply with the solution in 24 hours.


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    Make sure that the data on your website is securely backed up, backup testing can help identify any problems or errors in the backup procedure.

    Review the terms and conditions: Read the terms and conditions carefully to understand the backup and disaster recovery policies before choosing a hosting plan. Make sure you are aware of your duties and those of the hosting company regarding the management and upkeep of backups and disaster recovery plans.

    Consider cloud-based backup options: These options are gaining popularity because they provide more scalability and flexibility. Check to see if the hosting company provides cloud-based backup solutions, which let you store and access backups of your website’s data conveniently from any location.
    Think about the price: Although disaster recovery plans and automated backups are necessary, they can be more expensive. To choose a hosting plan that fits your budget, compare the costs of various hosting plans and backup options.

    Determine the backup size limit: Determine the maximum backup size. Some hosting companies may have a limit on the maximum backup size they will store, or they may charge more for larger backups. Make sure the backup size limit is large enough to hold all the data on your website.

    Look for automated recovery options: Some hosting companies offer automated recovery options that, in the event of a disaster, can quickly restore the data on your website. To reduce downtime and ensure business continuity, see if the hosting plan you’re considering offers these solutions.

    Request recommendations: If you’re not sure which hosting plan to pick, seek advice from other website owners or industry experts. They may have firsthand knowledge of various hosting companies and backup programs, and they can share important information about their dependability and efficiency

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    Cloud backup is the solution to this conundrum. Once it was mainly used by small businesses with limited IT resources, who needed a fully managed service. Today, it has evolved into the go-to solution for businesses of all sizes. Presented here are our top picks for cloud-based backups, along with a buying guide to help you choose the one that best fits your company's needs.

    I recommend Acronis. Acronis is notable for evolving its cloud backup capabilities into a full-fledged security suite that includes anti-ransomware protection. Its three-pronged attack on the modern threat scenario focuses on cybersecurity, backup and recovery, and integrated protection management. In addition to other data security features, it can scan data located in third-party public clouds for malware.

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    Siteground's custom Backup tool lets you create backups and restore old versions of your site in a click. You can restore your whole website or just parts you need specifically, like files, databases, emails, staging copies. You get access to 30 backup copies of your site for each day of the past month if you’re on a shared hosting plan. Cloud users can restore from up to 7 days back.

    The Backup Restore solution is included and offered for free in all of SiteGround hosting plans. To access it, go to your Site Tools > Security > Backups.

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