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We at OBhost.Net focused on Hosting and Data Center solution, as well as associated services like Domain Registration, SSL Certificates and VPS. We have nine privately Data Centers across the world, including the EU. US, Canada, South Asia, We stand firmly on integrity, innovation, customer experience. Our mission is to provide reliable, scalable, secure and cost-effective hosting and data center solutions. We strive to establish and maintain artnerships with our customers and stakeholders.

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Package: OpenVZ Business VPS Plan

x2 Cores
2GB Memory
Linux Only
Price: $7.20/month
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Package: KVM Enhance Plan
2GB Memory
60GB Space
Pakistan/Singapore/France/Germany & Poland
Price: $10.00/Month
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Package: Storage VPS 0.5 TB Plan
x1 Core
512 MB Memory
500GB Space
OS - Linux
Price: $12.00/month
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Order Now: Click Here
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Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany (IPv4) |
Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany (IPv6) | 2a01:367:b1f2:1276:f7b7:8da4:488b:1

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan (IPv4) |
Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan (IPv6) | N/A

Warsaw, Poland, Europe (IPv4) |
Warsaw, Poland, Europe (IPv6) | 2001:41d0:604:33:0160:6c3d:2b17:0001

Strasbourg, France, Europe (IPv4) |
Strasbourg, France, Europe (IPv6) | 2001:41d0:1000:c87:0160:6c3d:2b17:0001

Downtown Core, Singapore (IPv4) |
Downtown Core, Singapore (IPv6) | 2402:1f00:8001:cce::8f00

Montreal, Quebec, Canada (IPv4) |
Montreal, Quebec, Canada (IPv6) | 2607:5300:60:4699:54e:7515:b9a4:1

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